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Tolerance 3D

   Why it is needed:

      Every drawing or 3D model must contain accuracy requirements for part surfaces. It includes size tolerances and fits, geometric accuracy and surface roughness. Most of these requirements must be specified in accordance with the functional requirements and operating conditions of the components and assemblies. For example, simple reducer`s shaft drawing specifies 13 geometric accuracy values, 7 fits and 7 surface roughness values:

Calculating or specifying of these values is a very time-consuming routine task. In more complicated assemblies it will be hundreds or thousands of values needed to specify, and usually over quarter of design time is spent for this process.

   How it works:
   Tolerance 3D works as SolidWorks plug-in:

   It uses special database where you specify the rules for tolerances setting, fits and additional technical requirements depending on contacting components and they parameters, like dimensions, material, working conditions etc:

  Rules can be grouped in to configurations for different kinds of products. And of course, you can specify your own rules or edit values in existing tables as you wish.

To set up tolerances and fits you just need to select correct configuration:

And within a few seconds (may be minutes for a large assembly) you will get result:

To better understand of how it works watch the video:
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